Front-yard Suburban Oasis

A patio nestled within a small meadow creates a front yard oasis. Our pollinator and bird-friendly garden replaces the lawn and overgrown azaleas, giving more space for a garden and a cozy patio for two.

Now that the children are grown, the adults want a place to sit amongst the birds and flowers where the children used to play. The garden is nestled at the base of the old Japanese maple, with a view through the roses to the neighbors and passersby. Flowers bloom from early spring to late autumn. To add a special touch to the garden, we included roses in memory of the grandparents, and some of the perennials were inherited to keep the memories alive.

Imagine relaxing in your garden with plenty of pollinator-friendly plants to attract the birds. The cool days of spring begin with fragrant Phlox subulata and early-blooming bulbs. As summer approaches, the Achillea, Baptisia, and native Azaleas bring in hot yellows and oranges. The new growth of the Magic Carpet Spirea and rose blossoms in the distance add to the vibrancy. The garden mellows into late summer with lavenders and golds. Orange Asclepias tuberosa has seeded randomly, attracting Monarch butterflies. Then fall closes with late-blooming perennials to feed the pollinators as the season nears its end. We keep the seed heads of the Echinacea and Rudbeckia for the birds that stay for the winter.

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