Our Work

From design to implementation to maintenance, Garden InSites delivers high quality craftsmanship, giving you a beautiful, unique living landscape for years to come.

Creating Living Landscapes

With a combination of insight, knowledge and skill, we work collaboratively with you to create a beautiful living landscape. Our process ensures your outdoor spaces are more attractive and useful by combining trees, shrubs, flowers, and decorative and functional hardscape elements. These can include patios, garden paths, stone walls, water features, custom fences, and fire pits. 

Whether you want your site transformed to have awe inspiring curb appeal, more privacy, a space for serene relaxation, a place to entertain, or a habitat for pollinators and birds, we work collectively with you, our contractors, and our staff to make to ensure the design is seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle and landscape.

Landscape by Garden InSites with green ivy planted in a geomteric pattern in a brick courtyard.
Garden InSites landscape desifn with gravel garden path, with a pink and green theme in choice of plants.

Building Successful Relationships

Our first step is to build a relationship with you, our client. We take the time to meet with you, get to know your personal connection to your land and how you live in and use your outdoor spaces. With this insight, we help you determine the best way to make your living landscape come to life.                     

Our second step is building a relationship with your land. Before we design and plant, we take time to study and get to know the land involved. With your input, we ensure the plants and hardscaping chosen are in accordance with the land’s environment, the space’s activities, and your aesthetics.

Our third step is to build a relationship with the plants. At every site, we consider how to tend the gardens we install to reach their fullest potential. Our maintenance services focus on ensuring the health of your plants and adhering to the original design intent.

Our Work

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