Cottage Garden at The Hill at Whitemarsh

Front-yard garden loaded with color and texture for eye-catching curb appeal and whimsy.

Our main focus was creating a gorgeous garden that would bring happiness and a burst of colorful textures throughout the year. In the front yard, we really wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for our client when they returned home. We added a stunning tall terra cotta orange planter under the window filled with evergreens and grasses, which creates an elegant backdrop to the garden. To keep the beauty going all year long, we also planted grasses, lavender, and gorgeous dark red euphorbia amidst the flowering perennials and annuals. To add some height, we included a dark-leafed Crape Myrtle which will grow to be even more stunning in the future.

A backyard patio and garden steps down to the lawn overlooking a pond in the distance.

A bluestone patio extends from an existing porch, providing a place to relax and entertain. We are excited to create a living landscape with lovely native and flowering plants that have ornamental qualities and thrive in this setting, attracting pollinators, and birds. In particular, we have chosen the hawthorn for its gorgeous spring blooms and fruit which attract our feathered friends. As the seasons shift, we will be surrounded by a variety of conifers and shrubs boasting beautiful foliage, flowers, and red autumn fruits, and all interwoven with our favorite native pollinator flowers and grasses. It is sure to be a welcoming and delightful space to enjoy!

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