Gardener (Horticulturist)

Job Description for Gardener (Horticulturist)

Garden InSites is a small, woman-operated design-build garden and landscaping company. We specialize in ornamental gardens and often include edibles (we do not do lawn care). The Horticulturist works with a small team for the cultivation and care of the landscaping and gardens surrounding private residences. Primary responsibilities are to work with a team of gardeners to plant and care for ornamental residential gardens. 3-5 years of horticultural practice and outdoor gardening experience are required to understand ecology, microclimates, and plant requirements and cultivation.

The candidate should have broad knowledge of the care and habits of native and exotic plants as well as invasive and weedy plants.

Hourly pay is $23-27 depending on experience. The position is 2-4 days per week (Mondays-Thursdays). If you are interested, please submit the job application below. Tell us a little about yourself and your favorite and least favorite gardening experiences.

Maintenance, Weeding, and Clean-up

  • Work with Garden InSites and homeowners to provide horticultural advice.
  • Attend garden beds to maintain the health and beauty of plants using hand tools.
  • Identify and remove invasive species permanently using methods such as digging, cutting, and root killer.
  • Identify plant species, soil types, and common pests/diseases.
  • Fertilize, water, weed, transplant, and thin plants in landscapes and garden beds as needed.
  • Weed in garden beds and periphery landscape spaces – make sure to remove the entire root, and if this is not possible, treat with herbicide.
  • Sweep and clean up work debris using rakes, brooms, and blowers.
  • Water newly planted areas as needed.

Garden Installation and Planting

  • Work with a team of gardeners to care for residential gardens, including ornamentals, cut flowers, shrubs, and small trees.
  • Prepare planting beds for new installations.
  • Install plants, shrubs, and small trees according to work/design plans.
  • Transplant plants or place potted plants in beds according to work/design plans.
  • Condition and prepare soils.
  • Plant seeds, bulbs, or potted plants containers using appropriate tools.
  • Lay garden mulch and woodchips.
  • Ensure the site is accessible and safe for clients and staff, including walkways and driveways if necessary.
  • Assist with clean-up: gather and clean tools and clear all work areas of debris.
  • Train and manage junior gardeners.

Gardener Skills

  • Planting according to plan.
  • Weeding and correct identification/recognition of weeds.
  • Deadheading according to seasonal needs to ensure the beauty of a garden space and landscape.
  • Pruning a wide variety of shrubs and small trees with hand tools to ensure the health and individual qualities of each species.
  • Strength for mulching and carrying 50 lbs or more.
  • Willingness to learn new skills and share your skillset with others.